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If it sounds good, it is good

We have recorded a bit of everything at Dryhill. Puppet Theatre Soundtracks, Jazz, Noise, Gospel, Children's Music, Hip Hop, Voice Over, Folk, Country, Rock and Metal to name a few.

The legendary Al Gallodoro
Al Gallodoro

We are always humbled by the passion each artists brings to their project, regardless of style or ability.

We love all kinds of music

No matter the style, we do everything we can to help you achieve the sound you’re looking for.

To get an idea of the music that has come out of Dryhill take a listen to the country tinged indie rock of Newspaper Joe, or the elctronic mayhem of 2012 Industries. The classic sound of Al Gallodoro's Deep Night highlights a reel to reel recording that complements its source. Whatever the type of music, drop us a line we'd love to hear what you're creating.

Livestock Music Festival
We've been doing sound for the Livestock! Music Festival in Bovina, NY for the past two years.

Dan Cole
Dan Cole has this to say about recording at Dryhill:
"... you truly have an amazing spirit and talent. It could have been very easy for you to just hit record and let the tape roll... but you actually listened to the songs and the lyrics and their meanings. Your talent as a producer is natural, sincere, flexible and honest."

Upstate NY & Beyond

Musicians have come from near and far to capture sounds at Dryhill. We have recorded artists from Providence, Oneonta, New York City, Bovina Center, Cobleksill, and Binghamton to name a few of the artists home bases. We've also worked with artists who couldn't travel to the studio. We can mix, remix, and master projects by sending materials through the mail or over the internet.

Our passion is sound and we accept all projects in which we find musical inspiration.

Recording Newspaper Joe's Lazarus Gin, Mercy and Sin
Newspaper Joe

Videos from Dryhill artists

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Al Gallodoro...

If you're into voyeurism and uniforms you're going to love this video from the boys in Contents Under Pressure...

Check out this one from The Jolly Rogers to find out what's so disgusting about this man brushing his teeth...

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