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A professional studio with a relaxed attitude

At Dryhill, we perform the technical functions required to make a great recording, but we don't make rules about how you have to sound.

The studio is here to help you create the sounds you hear in your head. We won't force any rigid beliefs on you about how things should sound. Just tell us what you want the project to be.

Making you sound your best

Years of experience with our equipment has taught us how to approach the recording process. The audio engineer's role is to make your vision a reality. The relaxed and creative atmosphere at Dryhill allows musicians to devote themselves to their performance.

Engineer and listed gear:
$40.00 per hour

CD's, tapes and special rentals extra
Contact us about daily and weekly lock out discounts.

Playing banjoFlexibility in the studio

At Dryhill, we don't just record a clean sound and call it done. We do what we can to help the artist create a sonic painting that reflects the music at the center of the composition.

The Wheels of SteelThe right balance

Mixing recorded sounds is a delicate process that requires experienced ears and knowledge of listening environments. Instead of isolating the artist during the mixing process, we think the artist should be involved in the whole recording process.

micTake your home recording to the next level

At Dryhill we appreciate the benefits of home recording (including the perfect take recorded alone at 4am.) We have collaborated with many musicians who've tracked their material on their own, before stepping foot in a studio.

Your home recording will take on a new dimension when you fortify its sound with instruments and effects that are difficult to capture at home. (Finally get that drum sound you've been craving!) Here in the studio you'll have access to the tools that are often not available to the home recordist, including high quality compression and effects like spring reverbs and tape based delays.


Bring your project to life

Dryhill is a studio on a simple mission to make and capture great sounds. We've got all the right equipment to record your sound and we have the experience and passion to make you sound your best.

Our hours are entirely flexible. Call us to see if you can book time around work or a visit to beautiful upstate New York.

Contact DryhillGear

Nat Our live room is designed to let musicians share the same space while recording.

Board Make your mix a performance by going outside of the box and mixing on the board.

Listening Room Our listening room was built to allow accurate monitoring, which means your mixes won't just sound good in the studio, but outside of it as well.

Natuzzi Couch ooh la la Wayne's Dwell Magazine ties are revealed in the choice of our Natuzzi couch.

In house instruments From an optigan to a thumb piano, the studio has a variety of instruments for your use.

Reel to Reel When we record analog, our ½" 8 track keeps tape costs affordable, while providing a classic sound for your music.

Don't take our word for it: Download a high quality mp3 and hear what other artists have done at Dryhill.